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Get Paid by Shopping Online with

To make the most out of your exercise sessions, you need more than determination and discipline. The right type of gear can be the difference between breaking that personal record and injury.

Since you’re reading this blog online, chances are you’ve heard of online shopping - which is one platform for you to source for your sports gear and apparel. Online shopping has been experiencing a steady boom over the past few years and the number of people picking up on it is steadily rising. This comes as no surprise though as online shopping offers a host of luxuries that doesn’t come with offline shopping. 

Well, what about if you’re told that another benefit of shopping online for your sporting essentials is that you can get paid doing it?
Well, yes you can! Enter ShopBack, the newest player in the online shopping-sphere.They’ve come packing heat too in the form of cashback and discount codes to help them realize their aims of changing the whole online shopping experience of Philippines - just like what they’ve been doing in Singapore and Malaysia. Along the way ShopBack has been able to attract investors and secure $1.1million in seed funding to help drive that goal.
Yes, cashback. Cashback is a type of cash rebate a shopper earns upon making a purchase. To put it simply, you receive free cold hard cash for shopping! This model has been very popular in the west and ShopBack aims to translate that popularity into the Southeast Asian market upon realizing its potential in enhancing the online shopping experience. Cashback also serves as a savvier form of marketing and promotion for merchants due to its per-transaction nature - this is one of the reasons why ShopBack has in its lineup a list of who’s who in the world of online merchants. We’re talking about giants like Lazada and Ebay which is only the tip of the iceberg of over 500 merchants who have come aboard as merchants with ShopBack.

Where does all that Cashback come from?
Surely giving away all that money is not a viable mode of business. All that money you receive in cashback comes from commission paid to ShopBack from their merchants for every successful transaction made. ShopBack then retains a small portion of that commission and awards the remainder to the shoppers.
How can I earn Cashback everytime I shop?
The first thing you would need to do is to sign up for an account with ShopBack. You can then choose from one of their hundreds of merchants. Let’s say if you’re looking for sports apparels, you might want to have a look at the Sports section for cashback and discount codes for your gear

Be sure to first look through the whole page before proceeding further as ShopBack is also a platform for merchants to display their best deals on top of ShopBack’s own initiatives. A ShopBack shopping event typically involves increased rates of cashback as well as exclusive promotional codes.

Here are some of the outrageous Black Friday and Christmas Special deals available from Ebay and AliExpress:

1 . ASICS Men's Club Woven Jacket Tennis Clothes

Before Cashback: PHP 1413.88 (67% off) After Cashback: PHP 1399.74

2. FILA Men's Pique Trackster Pant

Before Cashback: PHP 1650.55 (64% off) After Cashback: PHP 1634.04

3. New Balance 574 - Mens Classic Traditional Shoe

Before Cashback: PHP 2121.05 (44% off) After Cashback: PHP 2099.83

1. Newest 2015 Spring Fall Men Casual Outdoor Sport Jacket Light Breathable Anti-static 

Before Cashback: PHP 946.67 (50% off) After Cashback: PHP 870.94

2. Suspension Trainer Training Gym Strength Home Workout Pro Crossfit Yoga Straps

Before Cashback: PHP 1626.97 (71% off) After Cashback: PHP 1499.57

3. 2015 Women Yoga Sports Pants Elastic Wicking Force Exercise Tights

Before Cashback: PHP 303.14 (59% off) After Cashback: PHP 278.89

Once you’ve selected your desired merchant, do a clickthrough which will lead you to the merchant’s homepage where you can now proceed to shop as per normal. Be sure to stay within the same window to allow ShopBack to track your transactions in order to properly award your cashback. Your cashback then can be cashed out straight into your bank or PayPal account.

Now is a better time than ever to sign up with ShopBack with the holiday season drawing near where plenty of ShopBack special events are happening. Top of the list are the massive 12.12 Sales and a huge Christmas promotion where you can expect large-scale savings from discounts and increased cashback. That is a lot of gear you can get your hands on. Happy shopping!


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