Thursday, December 31, 2015

LIBON app offers very cheap international calls to everyone

Orange-owned Libon App takes pride in introducing a VoIP magic that surely changes the way we communicate with the people who matter to us, via our mobile phone.
LIBON app offers very cheap international calls to the Philippines
LIBON is a free mobile service app 3 in 1 which provides free and cheap international calls, chat and a voicemail that can do everything. It has feature called ‘Libon Out’ which allows you to make cheap calls around the world to landlines or mobiles via the app’s in-app purchase option. Enjoy crystal clear voice quality to connect with the people closest to you.

Libon Out Calls - Make very cheap calls to landlines and mobiles in more than 100 countries around the world with your Libon Out minutes.
For Libon Out Rates & Packages, you can check here:

Free Calls – You can enjoy unlimited national and international calls to all your Libon contacts, from wherever you might be, for FREE!

Free Chat – You can use the free Libon chat and send text messages, images and audio recordings to all your contacts, from all around the world. 

Customized Voicemail - Surprise all your friends by creating customized greetings for each one of your contacts or groups of contacts!
LIBON Offers 30 Free Minutes Call To The Philippines
In the Philippines, I see Libon app as a big help to most of the Filipinos especially to those who has family member or friends traveling or working overseas and looking to avoid expensive roaming data plan fees. They just have need to connect to the WiFi, and voila! They can now call their loved ones wherever they are. Indeed, being in touch with the people matter to us must not hurt our pocket!

With all these fascinating features that Libon is offering, it becomes easier for us to move forward and make a switch to Libon where accessibility meets affordability.

**Join Libon now and make cheap to call landlines and mobiles in more than 140 countries.

Download the app now on Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS). 
After you download the app, just send us your phone number thru email
at allan(dot)xclusive(at)yahoo(dot)com. First 10 people would get a 1000 free minutes on Libon.


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