Sunday, December 20, 2015

Junior Dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem (FULL FIGHT REPLAY VIDEO) - UFC on FOX 17

The UFC on FOX 17 co-main event brought with it another upset as No. 9 ranked Alistair Overeem knocked out former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos in the second round to edge closer to a title shot.
Junior Dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem (FULL FIGHT REPLAY VIDEO) - UFC on FOX 17
R2: Dos Santos catches Overeem square in the cup with a front kick and we pause while he recovers. Chopping inside low kick lands for Dos Santos on the restart. Overeem answers in kind. Stomp kick to the knee from Overeem, then a left roundhouse kick to the ribs. A jumping stomp kick to the knee now from Overeem. Clean left body kick from Overeem and Dos Santos whiffs with the wheel kick.

Dos Santos lands an angled knee upstairs from range. Low kick is there for Overeem, then another. Now one lands inside for Overeem, then he scores with another left kick to the body. Dos Santos glances with a short right to the head. Overeem with an inside low kick, then he thuds a left hook to the head of Dos Santos and it wobbles him briefly. Now Dos Santos is bleeding from a cut over his right eye. Dos Santos walks Overeem into the corner and digs to the body with a hook. Overeem flattens him with a lunging left hook out of nowhere that rattles his jaw and drops him. There's a bit of an odd sequence as Overeem lands two hammer-fists and the fight is stopped as Dos Santos is regaining his footing.

WATCH Junior Dos Santos vs Alistair Overeem (FULL FIGHT REPLAY VIDEO):


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